Message from Mayor Mike Savage …

In Nova Scotia, we have always defined ourselves by the ocean; it permeates our music, our art, our literature. The Atlantic has delivered us great riches as it has handed us terrible tragedies. Halifax graveyards bear the names of victims of both the Halifax Explosion and the Titanic.

Mayor Mike SavagePleasure craft, Navy ships, container lines, and research vessels share Halifax Harbour and the waters around Nova Scotia.  In addition to being the proud home of Canada’s East Coast Navy, Halifax lays claim to the National Research Council’s Institute for Marine Biosciences, the Bedford Institute of Oceanography and the Dalhousie University Ocean Sciences Building. And, entrepreneurs have long recognized and capitalized on our ocean advantage.

But as we seize the opportunities the ocean holds, we also ask ourselves: How can we do so in a way that respects and protects its delicate ecosystem? How can we harness the bright minds here and elsewhere to blunt the impacts of climate change and its deleterious effect on our economy and our way of life?

As climate change impact becomes more real, our relationship with the Atlantic becomes less well understood. We find ourselves planning for sea level rise, for heightened and more frequent storm response, hoping the resilient nature that helped us recover from Hurricane Juan in 2003 will be there the next time.

Please join us at the Livable Cities Forum in Halifax in September to share ideas and best practices with other leading minds in building resilient cities.

Mayor Mike Savage