Halifax Regional Municipality
  • Population 414398
  • Established 1749
  • Km of coastline 400

Halifax Regional Municipality

The Halifax Regional Municipality is the government for the largest municipality in Atlantic Canada, delivering programs and services to more than 414,398 residents across 200 communities and neighbourhoods. Halifax boasts the friendliness of a small town with the amenities, culture and opportunities of a modern urban centre. As home to some of the brightest minds and best educational institutions in the world, Halifax is forward thinking, resilient and resourceful, with a reputation as an energetic, caring community that embraces creativity and innovation.

The ocean and coastline of Halifax are a source of pride that shapes the identity of our city and our residents. A recent Geological Survey of Canada study states that the Atlantic Region has the greatest length of sensitive coast in Canada. As an organization we recognize the ecological, cultural, and economic impact of rising sea levels and coastal erosion on our communities and have invested time and resources to further study and mitigate these issues.


  • No. of cities 1500
  • No. of offices 17
  • Year founded 1990


ICLEI is a champion of local governments. We are an international association of local governments that have made a commitment to sustainable development. We promote participatory, long-term strategic planning processes to support local-level sustainability, and have been working with communities on sustainability issues since 1990.

ICLEI Canada understands the unique needs of communities preparing for climate change and has significant expertise in helping them achieve their adaptation and preparedness goals. Our staff have been working with municipalities, community members, experts, and local practitioners to deliver engaging meetings, workshops, and conferences for over 20 years. We help communities, local practitioners, and scientific experts communicate with one another, understand each other’s needs, and advance their field of study to each party’s mutual benefit.


Partners for Action
  • Active since 2013
  • No. of stakeholders 50
  • No. of research priorities 4

Partners for Action


Partners for Action (P4A) is a multi-year applied research network advancing flood resiliency in Canada in the face of a changing climate and extreme weather. P4A is rooted in a collaborative approach that brings together a diverse set of stakeholders to create and share knowledge, address information needs, and drive action. P4A is based out of the Faculty of Environment, University of Waterloo, with founding support provided by the Co-operators Group Ltd. and Farm Mutual Reinsurance Plan.

The strategic objectives of P4A are as follows:

•        Facilitate collaboration between the research community, all levels of government, and non-governmental organizations towards improving flood resiliency in Canadian communities;

•        Identify innovative, practical research tied directly to flood resiliency in Canada, and leverage relationships towards funding such research;

•        Share results and best practices, including measurable activities to reduce risk of flood in Canadian communities; and,

•        Educate Canadians about their flood risk, actions they can undertake to reduce this risk, and opportunities to transfer this risk.

Partners for Action (P4A) is a multi-year applied research network advancing flood resiliency in Canada in the face of a changing climate and extreme weather. P4A’s mandate is to educate Canadians on their risk, what they can do to reduce that risk, and ways to transfer any risk that may remain. While national focus has been on major events (Calgary and Toronto, for example), Halifax experiences flood events, as do many communities throughout the east coast.  Halifax provides a venue where P4A can focus on these unique perspectives and nature of flood (storm surge and sea level rise, in addition to overland flooding).